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Fleks Ducting Aluminum 4" W / 2 Clamps

Fleks Ducting Aluminum 4" W / 2 Clamps

SKU: 1813
C$22.00 Regular Price
C$13.20Sale Price

Product Code: 1813-H

Non-Insulated Flexible Duct

  • Ducting is specifically engineered to handle unconditioned air.
  • Handles high heat, high humidity and excessive CFM's without any duct failure or fatigue
  • Triple laminate with industrial grade foil casting for durability
  • An ultra-smooth double sealed core for frictionless and silent air flow
  • "Rip-stop" prevents tearing
  • Galvanized spring steel maintains duct shape and prevents rust
  • Can withstand temperatures of -4º to 175º F
  • 2 Clamps included

Dimensions & weight

  • Unit dimensions: 25' x 4"
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